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About Ser-Mat International

About Ser-Mat International

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Utilizing over 190 years of combined
in-house experience, we will handle any request and eliminate all of the hassle.


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Please consider Ser-Mat in your bidding process. Let us help you take the guess work out of your carpet program and deliver you the best fabricated carpet parts at prices that fit your budget.


  • How do I know that the carpet I receive
    meets burn requirements?

    All orders are shipped with a certificate of conformance or FAA Form 8110-3 certification provided by the manufacturer of the carpet.

  • How long after submitting a PO
    will it take to ship my order?

    Our standard turnaround time is 14 days after receipt of Purchase Order.

  • Do you offer AOG service?

    Yes, Ser-Mat International, LLC provides AOG services.

  • How are carpet segments identified?

    Ser-Mat International, LLC identifies each segment with a part number, date of fabrication and directional arrows. If necessary, segments can be customized with other information such as P.O. #, etc.

  • How do I know where the individual carpet
    segments go on my aircraft?

    Each shipset is accompanied by a detailed interior carpet LOPA identifying where each carpet segment is placed on the aircraft.

  • Will Ser-Mat International, LLC measure my
    aircraft and create a custom ship set?

    Yes, Ser-Mat International, LLC. will measure and develop an optimal layout plan for your aircraft. Our proprietary methodology is designed to avoid trapping carpet under dividers, lavatories, or monuments and to ensure quick replacement of any carpet segment. Arrangements must be made in advance. Non-reoccurring charges apply.

  • Why is it important to serge the edges
    of the carpet?

    Serging helps prevent the carpet ends from fraying and pulling, thus extending the longevity of your carpet. Using thread also presents options in terms of color and design.

  • Does serging thread require burn certification?

    As per the FAA advisory 25-17 (section B 2), carpet may be burn tested without thread. Please see FAA Advisory Circular (25-17) for more information.

  • How is payment handled?

    All orders are C.O.D. or by proforma invoice until payment terms can be established. Major credit cards and wire transfers accepted.

  • Will Ser-Mat International, LLC. install the carpet
    on my aircraft?

    Ser-Mat International, LLC currently does not provide installation services.

  • What is the best way to keep carpet segments
    in place?

    High quality double-sided tape is best
    for holding down carpet on airplanes.

  • My aircraft was reconfigured and only needs carpet to fill in a few areas. Can Ser-Mat International, LLC provide carpet segments?

    Yes, Ser-Mat International, LLC. can often match the existing carpet. Please provide us the manufacturer part number and yardage needed.

Frequently asked questions

Ser-Mat was founded & established in 1959

by George Meyer Jr. in an effort to help Eastern Airlines find a way to remove cigarette burns from aircraft carpet without replacing the entire carpet. Mr. Meyer developed an innovative, “cookie cutter” method of removing the blemished area of carpet and replacing it seamlessly with a new piece without a sign of repair. Ser-Mat and Eastern Airlines enjoyed a great business relationship for the next 31 years.

Five decades later, in September of 2011, Ser-Mat changed ownership to Mark J. Kreisel who continues to carry on the quality and service that has helped make Ser-Mat the leader in aviation carpet. The company has recently relocated to a new state-of-the-art 18,000 square-foot facility and has added new production machinery along with upgrading its IT infrastructure to better accommodate future business and growth.

Ser-Mat International, LLC continues to enjoy longstanding relationships with many of the top airline, MRO and leasing companies in the aviation and aerospace industries. Ser-Mat maintains itself as the leader in aircraft carpet fabrication while serving the aviation industry by offering the highest quality aircraft carpet and related products such as serging thread, double-sided tape and even aircraft approved vinyl flooring and seat track and raceway cover.

Separately from fabrication, Ser-Mat also offers mapping and engineering services through a highly-experienced team of professionals who are laser-focused on providing precision solutions to your carpet needs. From shipset design to fleet maintenance programs, you are always in the best of hands with Ser-Mat.



Certified aircraft carpet
Ser-Mat works with leading manufacturers of aviation carpet worldwide such as Mohawk, Manx, Anker-Teppichboden, Botany, and Neotex.
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Serging thread
Nylon-twisted multi-filament serging thread.
more »
Flame-retardant, double-sided
carpet tape

Ser-Mat offers high quality double-sided tape that meets Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853 as well as Boeing BMS 5-133C and Douglas DMS-1971.

more »
Vinyl flooring (a.k.a. "coin mat" or "moon mat")

FAA-approved resilient vinyl flooring products  available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

more »
Seat track & raceway cover

All of the most common shapes styles available – inquire about your needs.

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Carpet fabrication

Utilizing high-tech CNC cutting machines, Ser-Mat offers fabrication services for complete aircraft and fleets to simple carpet segment replacements.

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We can design and develop detailed drawings as well as work with aircraft LOPAs to accommodate the most accurate and trouble-free installations possible.

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Shipset design/carpet kit design

Ser-Mat has decades of experience that we can utilize to create or modify an aircraft's carpet kit to minimize waste and decrease installation times.

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MRO Select program

Developed to provide MRO centers who don’t currently offer aircraft carpet fabrication services, with a turnkey solution to offer these services through partnership with the most trusted name in the industry, Ser-Mat International.

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Total Carpet Management



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