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Mapping, engineering and shipset design services
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Mapping, Engineering & Shipset Design Services

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Utilizing over 190 years of combined
in-house experience, we will handle any request and eliminate all of the hassle.


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Please consider Ser-Mat in your bidding process. Let us help you take the guess work out of your carpet program and deliver you the best fabricated carpet parts at prices that fit your budget.


When we map it, you're guaranteed the easiest installation with the most accurate fit & finish in the industry.

In these turbulent economic times companies must look for alternative solutions to reduce costs and increase profits without sacrificing quality.

Our fifty years of experience and economies of scale can deliver you the best fabricated carpet parts and service available in the industry at the best possible prices.

If you're looking for accuracy, efficiency, and the highest level of detail, then let the professionals at Ser-Mat engineer your carpet plan and provide you with precision-mapped drawings. The mapping & engineering process is an integral component to a total carpet management program, enabling us to maximize efficiency.


Ser-Mat's highly knowledgeable, engineering-minded craftsmen have measured and developed optimal layout plans for nearly every commercial aircraft type in existence. Our company proprietary methodology is designed to avoid trapping carpet under dividers, lavatories, or monuments and to ensure quick replacement of any carpet segment.

We can arrange for mapping services near our location in South Florida or for a very reasonable fee we'll send Ser-Mat professionals to the aircraft's location in your time of need.

Please contact Sales or Engineering for further information, pricing or questions about mapping your aircraft.


Custom designed shipsets for entire aircraft
Aisle-only shipsets
Automated CNC carpet-cutting machines

Our state-of-the-art automated (CNC) carpet-cutting machines and software were specifically designed and developed for cutting carpet – they allow Ser-Mat to identify and nest parts in the most efficient way possible, thus minimizing costly waste.

When Ser-Mat designs and develops a shipset customized to your specific needs, you not only get cost-effective and efficiently produced carpet kits, but they are fabricated and delivered to you in an organized fashion with all necessary markings machine-printed on all carpet segments to your specification. And — most importantly, you'll receive them on-time.


Highest degree of accuracy – fit and finish
Fastest turnaround times – including AOG and rush services
Greatest ease of installation
Simplest ordering and re-ordering systems

We are proud to claim not a single aircraft has ever been grounded
or delayed due to a Ser-Mat International, LLC fabrication issue.
All of these value propositions save our customers time and money.

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Ser-Mat has been handling the carpet program for American Airlines for more than 30 years.
The mapping of a Boeing 777 aircraft by Ser-Mat International professionals.
Rolled segments of carpet are gathered and organized to be neatly packed and shipped.

Rolled segments of carpet are gathered to be organized, packed & shipped to the customer.

Sample drawings

Total Carpet Management



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