About Us


Ser-Mat was founded & established in 1959 by George Meyer Jr. in an effort to help Eastern Airlines find a way to remove cigarette burns from aircraft carpet without replacing the entire carpet. Mr. Meyer developed an innovative, “cookie cutter” method of removing the blemished area of carpet and replacing it seamlessly with a new piece without a sign of repair. Ser-Mat and Eastern Airlines enjoyed a great business relationship for the next 31 years.

Five decades later, in September of 2011, Ser-Mat was acquired by Mark J. Kreisel who continues to carry on the quality and service that helped make Ser-Mat the leader in aviation carpet. The company is located in a new state-of-the-art 18,000 square-foot facility and has added new production machinery along with upgrading its IT infrastructure to better accommodate future business and growth.

Ser-Mat International, LLC continues to enjoy longstanding relationships with many of the top airlines, MROs and leasing companies in the aviation and aerospace industries. Ser-Mat maintains itself as the leader in aircraft and transportation carpet fabrication while serving the aviation, rail and ship industries by offering the highest quality transportation carpet and related products such as serging thread, double-sided tape and aircraft approved vinyl flooring.

Separately from fabrication, Ser-Mat also offers mapping and engineering services through a highly-experienced team of professionals who are laser-focused on providing precision solutions to your carpet needs. From shipset design to fleet maintenance programs, you are always in the best of hands with Ser-Mat.